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High Speed Internet, Is it right for you?

High Speed Internet, DSL & Wireless is now being offered to business and home customers in new areas
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Swetland Communications Can now offer you

Try our new Voice Over IP (VOIP). Available to Business and Home users with High Speed Internet Service.
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Swetland Internet Inc.

is an Illinois Corporation formed in 1996. It entered the Regional Internet Market with the primary goal of providing the best possible Internet Service to the surrounding areas. Swetland Internet has achieved great success in obtaining its goal through the help of local business and residential customers. This has enabled us to expand our services greatly. We offer local 56K Dialup Internet service for Vandalia, Ramsey, Fillmore, Mulberry Grove, Greenville and the surrounding areas. Local prefix numbers we offer for customers to connect to for dialup Internet service are: 283, 423, 538, 326, and 664. Other services we offer are web-site hosting, website development, and website maintenance. In an effort to keep up with technological advances that our society demands, we now offer High-Speed Wireless Internet service that is available to certain customers in the Vandalia and the Fillmore. We also provide area business and residential customers with local phone services. (Swetland Communications).

Swetland Supply Inc. is a full service office supply and computer sales/service company formed in 1980. We carry a full line of computer systems built specifically for each customer. All our systems are fully upgradable and come with a one year parts and labor warranty. This company works closely with Swetland Internet in that it offers customers the products and services required to keep up with technological advances like: custom-built computers, secure network creation and maintenance, computer peripherals, wireless and dialup internet products, and computer supplies and accessories. We have a full technical staff for all your computer-oriented questions and repairs. Another product that Swetland Supply offers is Taylor Outside Wood Burning Furnaces. The Taylor Outside Wood Burning Furnaces have a 92% efficiency rating. You can not only heat your home or building you can heat all your domestic and commercial water, you can even heat your hot tub or swimming pool. We also sell an assortment of indoor stoves and furnaces.

Our Swetland Team

Charles A. Swetland Sr.(Former President/CEO)
Charles started Swetland Supply Company in 1980 with the original idea of creating an additional income source for him and his family. Working out of his home with one employee he covered a wide sales area that quickly enabled him to open up his own location. Charles Sr. was an integral part of the growth of the Swetland Companies.

Charles A. Swetland Jr.-C.A.(President/CEO)
Attended I.T.T. Technical Institute and has numerous certifications in computer and networking software's and applications. With an extensive experience in all facets of the computer world from the home PC to wide area networks, Charles Jr. makes a wonderful head of the Swetland Internet and Supply Technical Department. After attending ITT he opened the computer sales and service sector of Swetland Supply in 1994. In 1996 Charles, in conjunction with his father began the local area Internet service which has grown from one to nine hubs covering more than 20 cities.

M.Hope Swetland(Secretary)
Hope is responsible for overseeing the corporate books for all of the Swetland companies. She is also an integral part of the decision making process for the companies.

Jonette Eddy(Internet Administrator)
Responsible for the upkeep of all internet hubs, web page design and marketing, and local access customers. Jonette is a member of the HTML Writers Guild and a Paint Shop Pro group member. Jonette has also won several awards for her web pages. Holding numerous certifications in software applications and formats, she offers an excellent source of information for new users coming onto the internet. Before coming to Swetlands she operated her own business offering setting up of computers, instruction on computer use, and installation of software.

Amy Stewart(Accounting Department)
Amy began working for the Swetland team in July of 2002. She is a 2002 Greenville College graduate and obtained her Bachelors Degree in Business Management-with a specialization in Accounting. She is responsible for the Accounting aspects of the Swetland companies. She facilitates the Swetland Companies in obtaining their financial and customer service goals and objectives of providing the best possible service while meeting their company growth objective.

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Swetland Internet
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