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-Is it time for a new computer at you home or office? We have competitive pricing on new computers, give us a call.
Many interesting things are happening at Swetland Internet.

Exciting News.............We are in the process of providing DSL to our surrounding communities


-Competitive Prices
-Superior Customer Service
-Free Equipment, Installation and Setup
-Free, Live, In-House Tech Support
-2 Free Email Addresses
-Guaranteed Call Backs


-DSl Utilizes Your Existing Phone Line
-Your Phone Line is Connected to a DSL Modem and Router that we provide and install-FREE
-The equipment is then connected to your computer using an ethernet cable.


-Very High-Speed Connection
-Connected to the Internet all the time
-Utilizes your existing phone line
-Internet connection does not tie up your phone line


-Customers within 18,000 phone line feet of the providers central office
-If you live within City limits, access is likely


-Services are not available to everyone
-The farther your location is from the Central Office, the slower your connection speed will be

Home User Wireless....

The home user wireless has now become a reality in some of our service areas. We can now serve the Vandalia and the Fillmore area. Some of the advantages of wireless internet for the home users is: no phone lines needed, family and friends no longer get a busy signal when calling your home and fast unlimited access. For information on our wireless internet please call the office at 618-283-2123.

We now have an updated version of the main web page up and running. We have added several areas including the tech tip corner. Let us know what you think. Ram Memory will make your larger games and graphics run much faster. We now have Ram on sale. Check our web page for detail http://www.swetland.net/ram.htm Is your printer running low on ink? We sell many replacement cartridges for desktop printers and laser printers. Call the office for pricing.

We now have a repeater on our Fillmore tower for 2 way business radios. Please call Charles for information on rates and service. Winter season will soon be on us and it is time to think of your heating needs. Taylor Wood stoves the alternative to expensive gas and electric heat. No Mess, totally efficient Hot Water Heat. Call Charles to talk over your heating needs today or visit us online at http://www.swetland.com/taylormfg.htm

Now Helping to Introduce: HomeGrown Foods LLC Located 1 mile east of Bluff City on US 40 at the old Stage Coach stop. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 A. M. till 7 P. M. Do you know where and how your food is grown? There is growing concern over where and how our food is raised today. In an effort to get it to market as soon as possible a wide range of management techniques are used - some good, some not so good. Most of our seafood is imported from Southeast Asia and some of our beef comes to us all the way from South America and Australia. HomeGrown Foods LLC offers an ever-increasing list of products that are grown right here in the U.S. and most of it right here in Illinois. HomeGrown Beef, Pork, Chickens, Channel Catfish, Hybrid Striped Bass, Freshwater Shrimp, Elk and Buffalo. HomeGrown has Pizzas from "The Pizza Place" in Patoka. Home Grown will have locally grown produce when in season. If you would like to receive our recipe of the week, be entered into our monthly drawing. You can receive notice of specials that we are offering (recently we went to Florida and brought back some really great Oranges) all you need to do is call 618- 425-3486 or send us an e-mail. Our Web site is not up yet, so send your e-mail to mcollins@fgi.net. " Taste the Best from the U.S."

- Just a reminder, your monthly Internet bill is now due for June. If you are using a different e-mail address rather than your Swetland e-mail please let us know and we will switch your billing over to it. Please check and read your e-mail in a timely manner, we are seeing many full mailboxes. If you are having problems with your mail please call Jonette.
- Our web page has many areas for everyone's enjoyment. Please take some time to check out the kid's area, the personal page area, and our classified ads. These are all free services to our customers. Let us know what you think.
- No matter what Anti-Virus software you use, we recommend that you update it once a week. If you do not have an anti virus software on your computer we highly recommend and sell Norton Anti-Virus. We now have in stock Norton Antivirus 2003 and 2004
-Is it time for a new computer at you home or office? We have competitive pricing on new computers, give us a call.
- Our billing policy: Click here to see a copy of it. Billing Policy - Our Hillsboro Road store hours are Monday 9 to 5:30 and Tuesday -Friday 9-6. You may reach us by phone at 618-283-2123 or by e-mail at sales@swetland.net Jonette's office hours are variable, but you can reach her at 618-283-0868 or by e-mail at jonette@swetlandcom.com

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