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Wireless Internet is one of the fastest Internet connections available in the area for consumers and small businesses. It is up to 20 times faster than current modem connections. You are constantly on the Internet with a dedicated connection, which makes your hardwired phone line a thing of the past if you wish to disconnect it.

Why is Swetland Internet offering Wireless Internet?
When we first offered Internet connections in 1996, we were running with modems of the 33.6 variety. In the next couple of years, when 56k technology was available we began offering it to our subscribers. At this time, we do not believe that dialup will be able to ever go any higher. We are now offering High Speed Wireless Internet that works great. There are also a lot of rural areas that we cover in which DSL is not available.

How quickly can I get setup?

We can usually get you set up within about 5 days.

Where are we providing access at?

Wireless is working right now in Vandalia, Fillmore and Bluff City. We can also cover surrounding open and/or high areas near these towns. If you are interested, please call for a site-survey to see if this will work for you. We have customers successfully using wireless in these towns right now.

Is Line of Site needed?

Yes you must be able to see the tower to get the wireless internet. It will go about 8 miles.

Always Connected?

Your wireless connection is on 24/7.

Is Phone Line Needed?

You will no longer have to even have a phone line, if you don't wish to have one. Some of our customers opt for wireless, have a cell phone and drop all the land lines in their homes completely. Since the phone co. does charge you on a per call basis, even if you only have one line into the house, this will save you money. If you have two lines in the house, one for the modem, you will be able to drop the extra line completely.

I own a large business and our buildings are spread out over a fairly large area, will the wireless work for us?

Absolutely! Then you would have the added benefit of a faster connection between buildings for your LAN and Internet access on all machines as well. There will of course be additional costs, depending on your needs.

How much?

Monthly costs for this service start at $39.90 /month with no set up fee. This is for 1 computer to be connected to the Internet via the radio connection installed at your location. Any extra computers are $5.00 a month. One-time costs for equipment set up and installation starts at $500.00. We have made arrangements for financing with an acceptable credit application. Payments would be down and approximately the rest in installments for 12 months. If you are interested, please call our office. If you have a large number of computers to connect up, please contact us for an estimate.

Equipment needed?

You will need a computer with one of the following operating systems: Windows 95 or newer, Macintosh 8.1 or higher. You will also need a computer that has a slot available to install a network card (Ethernet) if no network card is installed in your computer.

How good is the performance?

In our experience we have found the wireless to be very reliable even in bad weather. Even when you the customer should really be shutting down the PC, because of incliment weather you will still be getting a reliable signal. Wireless has been used in government and commercial applications and found to be very successful. We also feel wireless is very competitive with other types of broadband service.

How secure is it?

We use proprietary software keys along with channel ID and password phrase and real time monitoring. Typical installations come with a hardware firewall.

Where are Swetland Internet's Wireless Sites?

We have wireless access sites at the following locations: Vandalia Water Tower, Country Companies, YMCA, Cripe Grain Elevator, and In Fillmore, IL. If you have line of site visibility and are within 9 miles of one of these sites the service is available to you.

How can I get more information on wireless or schedule a site survey?

Call our office at 618-283-2123 to request a site survey and or pricing options.
You may also e-mail us

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